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  1. You are joining American Dream Nutrition as a member/Independent Distributor. This will includes our monthly auto-ship program for a minimum of 1 bottle per month.
  2. This is a Monthly Auto-ship program for new Distributors and Associates who wish to build an American Dream Home-Based Business. If you do not wish to join as a member, please, do not join and contact your referring member to request additional information directly from them.
  3. This Ensures that everyone joining is a real person and not using fictitious information, as everyone joining is placed in the highest possible position our “2 X 15” Matrix system and is qualified to earn commissions based on American Dream’s pay plan.
  4. Your first order will be charged today, plus your $19 set up. All Weekly Fast Start checks will be paid from the first order purchases. Then, 30 days after that your monthly auto-ship will kick in, process and ship. All monthly residual commissions will start paying from the volume generated from all second month orders. You may change or cancel your order at any time.

IMPORTANT: Step by step instructions –

Step 1) Click “JOIN NOW” below to enroll – you will be charged $19 set up, plus, the amount of your first product order today..

Step 2) Fill out the enrollment form selecting your first month's actual product order – charged today. Also, then select your second month auto-ship order, that will be processed 30 days from today.

Step 3) When you enroll you will set up your websites, both this one and your corporate site, you will use the same user name for them both, follow instructions on sign up form.

Step 4) Start referring everyone you know before someone else does.


>>> When you join, MAKE SURE that you sign up at your sponsor's website. And, please, DO NOT enter anyone else in the system, the person joining must be the person filling out the enrollment form.

>>> Everyone is placed in the 2 X 15 Level Matrix from left to right in the first available position, if you are placing someone, use the placement ID#, or, they will automatically be placed by the system using the sponsor ID.

>>> Once someone has joined, we cannot move anyone in the Matrix once entered, no exceptions. Be careful, go slow, enroll at your sponsor's website. Thank you! We look forward to YOUR SUCCESS!